Ceramic Coating Protection

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Car Ceramic Coating

The process of purchasing a car is quite a significant investment, and we all know how crucial it is to maintain its shiny paintwork to keep enjoying the feeling of owning a new car. However, the cost of maintaining such a vibrant paint job is often a concern, especially with premium prices charged by many detailers and dealerships for ceramic coatings. Many of them fail to include the most crucial step in the preparation stage, leading to the failure of paint protection bonding onto the surface correctly.

If you have ever been in such a situation, you understand how costly and frustrating it can be to have the coating fail, and end up wasting your investment. That is why our experts at Automotive Car Detailing understand and believe in completing every step at a reasonable price. Our approach to preparing and protecting your car paint involves a comprehensive process that significantly reduces defects such as swirl marks and scratches even before applying the coating, known as paint correction..

So, what is our process? Firstly, we pre-soak the vehicle and remove grime, bugs, road tar, and eve clean the wheels and tires. Our team uses a high-pressure rinse, followed by a snow foam hand wash of the entire vehicle, finished with a microfiber towel dry. Next, we use a paint decontamination treatment that removes all bonded contaminants un-removable through a traditional car wash. We also finish with a Cut & Polish for light swirl marks and, scratches reduction & gloss enhancement before using nanotechnology to apply the ceramic car coating, leaving a protective layer over your car’s clear coat.

At our facility, we utilise advanced nanotechnology to create a ‘second layer of skin’ for your vehicle’s paint job – the nano-particles are so tiny that they can seal all the pores, making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent) and resistant to UV, scratches, and chemicals while still remaining transparent. Our coating is durable but requires weekly or fortnightly washing with pH neutral shampoos, avoiding washing with brushes that damage the coating, laser car washes that use harsh chemicals, and immediately removing bird droppings, which are highly acidic, to increase its durability. Choose us for the best ceramic coating services and enjoy the long-lasting effects of your investment while maintaining that new car feel!

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Car Ceramic Coating

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Car Ceramic Coating Protection (3 - 5 Years Paint Protection)

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