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Ultimate Cut And Polish

Automotive Car Detailing is a car detailing company with extensive experience in the car cut and polish detailing industry. They pride themselves on having mastered the art of cut and polish, knowing that it’s the ultimate solution to give your vehicle the shine it deserves. This process involves removing an extremely fine layer of clear coat through a two-step process of defect-removing and finishing. It requires the use of specific cutting and polishing compounds to remove fine swirls and scratches, making your car look immaculate and making all the scratches disappear.

One of the strengths of Automotive Car Detailing is their attention to detail in preparing your vehicle’s paintwork for cut and polish. They start by giving it a thorough hand wash with specially formulated biodegradable pH neutral shampoo and a clay bar treatment to remove any oxidation, industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust.

It’s worth noting that not all car detailing shops or mobile detailers use the right products for cutting and polishing, nor do they have enough experience in the field. This could mean that they use aggressive cutting compounds or wool pads at dangerously high speeds on a powerful rotary buffer/polisher, which can easily remove the clear coat and damage the paint of your vehicle. That’s why it’s vital to trust your vehicle to the experts at Automotive Car Detailing, where they have many years of experience in the field.

One thing to note when cut and polishing your car is that using fillers to fill in the scratches can provide a temporary solution that will hide and cover most of the defects in your paint or clear coat, resulting in an uneven surface and new sets of swirls in the paint. Automotive Car Detailing doesn’t use fillers to fill in scratches; they remove them.

Even new cars that are close to 100% defect-free can benefit from a fine polishing of the paint surface. A fine machine polish will burnish the paint like a diamond, refining the surface to extreme flatness resulting in unmatched optical clarity and reflectivity. Automotive Car Detailing helps you take your detailing game to the next level with every pass of their ultra-fine polishing process.

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